27th July - Sunrise worship  
29th-30th July Immerse  
Coffee Catch Up  
30th July Walking with Joyce  
31st July - scrapbooking  
2nd August - Prayer meeting  
5th-6th August Immerse  
8th August - Golf  
8th August - Quiz Night  
9th August - prayer meeting  
10th August - Sunrise Worship  
11th August - NS IE  
12th August - Coffee Catch Up  
12th August Air Rifle shooting  
12th - 13th August - Immerse  
13th August - Air rifle  
14th Aug - Learn to Crochet  
14th August - CBS - W2  
16th August - Prayer meeting  
17th-21st August - HC  
17th August - Walking with Ros  
18th August NS W1  
19th - 20th August - Immerse  
CBS W1  
22nd August - Canoeing  
23rd August - Prayer meeting  
24th August - Plant & Seed swa  
25th August - NS W2  
26th August - Pond Dipping  
26th - 27th - Immerse  
26th August - Cooking with Kir  
27th August - CCU  
CBS W2  
29th August - Cycling  
29th August - Motorbike ride  
30th August - Prayer meeting  
1st Sept - NS W3  
2nd - 3rd September - Immerse  
CBS W3  
6th September - Prayer meeting  
Little ones  
Making Making