The Ark

High Street church has taken on a remarkable challenge to build a new church building, a building using local materials, its own people and at a scale beyond its current size. The building is for now, for future generations and for the broader community.

The building in 2016 finally became weather proof with doors and glazing finished. The project is entirely financed by the church community and a few friends but has had support from the local people and businesses.



Photo's from the Ark Experience weekend - 21st - 22nd Sept 2019

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The project has taken a few years so far and has involved building our own saw mill and joinery shop in addition to building on site. The construction team made up of 4 workers including the church leader Paul. The building is remarkable in many ways but in particular for the style of construction using traditional green oak, in fact the Ark may be the biggest green oak building in living memory in the UK. The building fits into the landscape in a remarkable way and has already become an iconic building.

More important than the building and its construction is the leading and provision by God throughout the project. We thank Him for everything he has done in providing the inspiration, people, materials and finance and trust that His glory and splendour would fill the place and it would stand to the praise and Glory of God.

There is a dedicated web site for the project:

For a range of other videos about the Ark project please see our Youtube Channel.